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Research and Production Company HORST is the main supplier of speciality gases for the semiconductor industry in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine from 1992. More then 50 microelectronics plants are the clients of HORST for a long period (inc. Angstrem, Analog, Elma, EPIEL, Integral, Kremny, Kvazar, Mikron, NIIIS, Svetlana, SRISA, etc.) as well as scientific research institutes. 

Company's strategy is based on constant investments in research and development and aimed at elaboration and industrial implementation of methods of high purity speciality gases production. Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University founded the research department of high purity compounds on the base of our R&D. Years of scientific research are resulted in creation of up-to-date methods of manufacturing, high purification by gas separation membranes, crystallization, rectification and ultra-filtration that allow us to achieve high purity levels of gaseous Hydrides and Halocarbons. Nowadays the unique electrochemical methods of Phosphine, Arsine and Germane synthesis have been developed by our R&D. The results of scientific researches are published in the leading Russian and foreign magazines. More then 100 articles and reports' theses were published. HORST participates constantly in international conferences on problems of membrane separation processes: Euromembrane-99 (Belgium), ICIM-2000 (France), Euromembrane-2000 (Israel), ICOM-2002 (France), Membrane Technology for a Sustainable Industrial Production (Italy) and etc.  

HORST is practically the only producer and scientific centre in Russia which deals with high level purification of gases for microelectronics such as Ammonia, Phosphine, German, Silane, Dichlorosilane, Silicon Tetrachloride, Nitrous Oxide, Halocarbons. We established the only manufactory of Silane, Dichlorosilane, Silicon Tetrachloride, Germane in the CIS, based on patented exclusive non-waste, power-saving, environment-friendly technology, as well as purifying units of Ammonia 6.4 (99.99994%) and Nirous Oxide. Also worked out technologies for purification of NF3, WF6, SF6, CF4. Our gas laboratory in Zelenograd produces Silane, Phosphine gas mixtures. 

HORST pays great attention to the skills of its staff. We tried to attract the best specialists in our sphere. Director on science of HORST Professor of Chemistry Vladimir Vorotyntsev heads the department of high purity compounds. 2 doctors of science, 11 Ph.D. are employed at researching and manufacturing under his leadership in HORST. Members of our team regularly participate in professional trainings and updating courses 

Firm HORST is the company of the full cycle as we can offer the services related to gas production - purification; analysis; preparation of cylinders; storage; logistics; post-sales services and etc. In 1999 HORST founded the centre of decontamination and detoxication of cylinders.     

We offer more than 40 gas products on lowest and stable price. Firm regularly introduces new products (gases, equipment) and services according to requirements of our clients. The basis principle of our work is of following to world standards of electronics to gas products, as well as of individual approach to each client in order to create mostly favorable terms for collaboration.    

HORST is going to maintained leadership through foundation of manufactures of high purity products, not produced in Russia (PH3, AsH3, NF3, WF6, SF6). The Firm uses its research and development

capabilities to expand into new business areas. We are looking forward to achieve growth in international market.

HORST found partnership with world-leading companies for importing UHP specialty gases and equipment, not produced in Russia and CIS. We promote successfully products of Air Products, Linde, Spectra Gases, Entegris, Ham-Let, Rotarex and support our foreign partners (e.g. L’Air Liquide, Spectra Gases) for their activity in Russia through our capabilities, authority of our trademark, good client base. Also we export our products.